Bewitchment on Black Ice

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived an extremely powerful woman… Surrounded by wealth and emptiness, her desire to exert control knew no bounds. Without the respect she craved, her quest for universal popularity was futile. Her heart was black and her compassion as cold as ice as she dominated the population, and imposed her every desire across the kingdom.

With her vast wealth she procured all the magic in the land, becoming both omnipotent and unquestionably formidable. Feared by all, unloved, and descending deeper and deeper into her own self-created darkness, her malevolence turned the snow as black as her mood. Now, the black ice serves to remind us of her omnipotence

This unique production will be the first time that any Off West-End theatre has done a professional show on ice skates using synthetic Black Ice created specifically for the purpose.

Devised and Choreographed by Nicky Scott
Directed by Robert McWhir
Musical Direction by Inga Davis-Rutter
Script by Tom Whalley
Designed by Richard Lambert and Max Spielbichler

Produced by Theatrica Ltd in association with
Hot ‘n’ Cold Shows International and LAMBCO Productions

Malevolent – Paulette Smart
Rumpelstiltskin – Jeff Raggett
Prince Deluded – Nicholas Chiapetta
Prince Charming – Ryan Forde Iosco
Prince Alluring – Chris Cauduro
Cinderella – Tara Smart
Belle – Ruth Petersen
Snow White – Chantelle ACourt
Male Line Captain – Ryan Forde Iosco
Female Line Captain – Ruth Petersen
Female Understudy – Kardine Gray
Male Understudy – Christopher Bailey
Captain Hook – Tom Whalley

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