Do you have a Secret Crush (Sleeping with Straight Men)?

Do you have a Secret Crush (Sleeping with Straight Men)?
Written by Ronnie Larsen

Who hasn’t had a secret crush at some point in their lives?

Stanley certainly has. A young man living with his mom in a mobile home on a trailer park, he dreams of escaping to a big city, becoming famous and falling in love. His dreams are a far cry from living in Pontiac, Michigan, and running a follow-spot in a local cabaret nightclub.

When an advert comes on television for guests to be flown 1st class to New York City to reveal their secret crush he jumps at the chance, jumps in the limo, jumps on a plane and jumps himself centre frame into the bright lights of the TV interview couch.

The comedy described as “moistly hilarious“!

But is this what he really wants? Can TV chat shows go too far? Is it a good idea to reveal your secrets on national TV? In this hilarious comedy based on true events come see what happens when Stanley does just that!

This play is presented on the 21st anniversary of an event that should never be forgotten!

Tuesday 2nd August to Sunday 21st August 2016 at the Lost Theatre

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Sally – Dave Lynn
Stanley – Chris Britton
Lee – Richard Watkins
Brian – Louie Westwood
Mom – Helen Stirling
Jill Johnson – Ruth Petersen
Judy – Lucy Dobson
Karen – Sarah Day

Directed – Robert McWhir
Choreographer – Robbie O’Reilly
Designer – Jennifer Browne
Lighting Designer – Richard Lambert
Video Consultant – Maximilien Spielbichler
Costume Designer – Paul Nicholas Dyke
Photography and Graphic Design – PND Photography
Programme Layout – Tom van de Bospoort
Production Assistant – Hannah Fisher
Production Assistant – Angie Lawrence
Crew – Luke Pilla, Conor Morris, Nigel Bennett
Gun Training – Ken Bereen
Website – Piotr Glabicki

Ben Newsome Casting
Mark Magill and the staff at the Lost Theatre
Chrissy Angus and the the Gate Theatre
Noel Roly Smith of GLP