The Crumple Zone

LAMBCO Productions proudly presents the British Premiere
The Crumple Zone
by Buddy Thomas

Directed by Robert McWhir
Technical Design – Richard Lambert
Production Assistants – Angie Lawrence and Joseph Thomas
Stage Managers – Joseph Thomas and Helen Sterling
Construction and Crew – Tom and Ollie Baum, Connor Morris, Seb Money, Joseph Thomas
Casting – Robert McWhir and Richard Lambert via Casting Call Pro
Performance Rights – Samuel French

Clapham Omnibus, 19th to 23rd December 2016
Pleasance Stagespace, 27th to 29th December 2016

Taking place in a Staten Island apartment over the Christmas holiday season, this hilarious comedy gives a fly-on-the-wall perspective when four friends and a mystery visitor find themselves in just one apartment.

There’s fighting, laughter, bad decisions, bickering, mistakes, ambition, Season’s Greetings, love triangles and plenty of honesty.

Samuel Tucker plays Terry, long-suffering and looking for love. Jack Armstrong is Buck, handsome and adorable. Tim Jennings plays Matt, the naive boy on tour enduring a long-distance love affair. Kit Loyd, playing Alex, wants more from his life. Myles Rogerson as Roger is a blue-collar man dangerously confident who completes this hot young cast.

This is the play to see! This is how a sleepover should be.
Makes Big Brother look like Enid Blyton!

Watch as close friends transform an apartment into The Crumple Zone!
This seasonal gem of a comedy is perfectly poised to provide a great night

Samuel Tucker as Terry
Jack Tompkins as Buck
Tim Jennings as Matt
Myles Rogerson as Roger
Kit Loyd as Alex

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